Important Information For Members

As an employee in the bargaining unit, you are represented by United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 648. Union representation means that UFCW Union Local 648, with your active participation, negotiates and administers a legally binding contract on your behalf.

This contract is also known as a Collective Bargaining Agreement. It sets forth your wages, benefits, hours, and nearly all of your working conditions. Because all employees negotiate together through the Union, Union members receive higher wages and better benefits than non-Union workers in similar jobs. Strength in numbers makes this possible.

Local 648 is part of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. There are more than 900 affiliated UFCW Locals representing 1.4 million workers in both similar and varied vocations across America and Canada.

Many of you also have a Union ‘steward’ at your place of work. A steward, selected by your Union Representative, is a fellow employee who is both an activist of the Union and a conduit of general information between members and the Union.

Local 648 conducts general membership meetings on a monthly basis. These meetings are important and, as a member, you are encouraged to attend and participate in the events of your Union.  The General Membership meeting is held on the 1st Thursday of the every month at 7pm  at the union hall located at 1980 Mission Street in San Francisco. The purpose of these meetings is to keep members informed of current events affecting the membership. Your participation is encouraged.

You have the opportunity to ask your Union President and Representatives any questions you may have.  We also welcome any suggestions that will help keep our Union strong. You have an equal voice and can vote in deciding what Local 648 does and how it does it. You can do this by attending the Union meetings.

The General Membership meeting is preceded by an Executive Board meeting at 5pm. The Executive Board is responsible for all business of Local 648 not otherwise delegated to a specific officer(s) or reserved for membership. Currently the Executive Board Meeting is closed to the general membership.

It’s Your Union.  Get Involved!